Just another disease.

This, that is a pimple that needs to be squeezed,
Even with the glare, it should be pressed,
These cells that are in competition,
You thought they are in the cells,
Experts say they are the cells,
None that you can be able to sell,
Growing with repetition,
Abnormally causing pain,
Sorrow comes only at nights,
Inside they think they have refuge,
But you condemn them, you refuse.

They get so hot to boil, doc says they’re boils,
You have heard stories, seen movies,
But these animals in you keeps spreading,
A step ahead is only by faith,
But you are determined, a world of fists,
By and by the spread stops, fast,
Soon you shall tell a story, fell off stories,
Fell the monster, to raise the youngsters.

You care for humanity & animosity,
They both call for pity,
But you ain’t driven by pity,
It’s humanity to animals, Yeah,
That you have executed, fought & won,
Loved by animals, adored by humans,
But again, we all are animals.

Can’t believe that you are sick now,
And I am here laughing with you,
How was I to know,
You never told me,
But what’s a journey without a traveller?
What’s environment without existence?
Still, what could we be without trials?

I don’t need to wait for nightfall,
Not all stars shine in darkness,
I shouldn’t wait for moonshine,
This far I know you are fine, you shine,
If sun shines, the vines will blossom,
And no way you hit rock bottom,
Your star is up there, in moon & sunshine,
A story in the wall, engraved in hearts.
A warrior, conquerer


Dependency of choice

They come in hordes, them that hates bones,
The club of the wolves, much to prove,
The hare is welcome, to be overcome,
Qualities; hair, steak and timidity,
But this is a jungle, rules and laws -flaws.

The hare wants more representation,
Wolves are bitter, they want their numbers,
Hare gives birth, twelve fold,
Wolves shakes, calls jackal
Jackal, rushes, it’s not unusual,
When wolves cry, its critical,
If wolves are overpowered by hares,
The jungle will change, hunger will set in.

In the holes the hare’s meet,
They have painfully been the meat,
Determined to hold this new seat,
Ready to enjoy this precious feat,
A time, a moment, an experience.
Wolves still push, hares still plan.
In general jungle opinion, the hare is overly ambitious,
The wolves are hardworking,

But I say, let’s try the hare, he cares,
Wolves have been here, made their hooves,
They yearn to last long, rule longer,
Jungle wants care, there’s no spare, for air,
But yes, there’s enough space for the hare if the jungle cares.
There’s enough for ones needs but not ones greed.



I went to give a joke, didn’t know I was a joke,
Left me in shock, I even choked,
Having carried a stock of laughing,
I became the laughing stock.

Early in the alley I felt eerie,
Visited a farmer, a drummer & a Strummer,
I was calm but that ended with the camel,
Wanted pork but the cock volunteered.

The doctor cautioned me of my liver,
I decided to relax and sit by the river,
Was aroused by a quiver and a shiver.
So at the river; you shiver, quiver and lose your liver!

Bleating and heaving, goats meeting,
The farmer came by the river, bleeding,
He wanted to help, knew my liver,
But could a bleeding heart,
Help a relaxed person by the river coz of a liver?


Za Nazi, Vazi na Dua.

Kafikiria bawabu do baba wa nyumba,
Kumbe babu kaanika za baba,
Bawabu naye kabeba babu bubu,
Ungesema kina Baa…wacheza kabumbu.
Ila ubutu wa bawabu kwa babu kaharibu.

Kijakazi kavaa za kazi
Kusitiri kashindwa, na anakuna nazi,
Ma’ mwenye kazi kastaajabu, ajabu,
Ajabu na aibu ya unyumba na vazi,
Ampe kazi, nazi na vazi?

Kapuni kapata jina la Kampuni,
Kumbe wao do huuza zile vipini,
Tena wahadaa, wauza bila idhini,
Idadi na uzani sidhani ni kamili,
Meneja makini, lakini wakili hakiri,
Nani atakiri kama wakili do huyo,

Kapiga magoti, kaomba dua
Alizini na anaogopa kuzimu,
Alowakosea wanataka awe wazimu,
Msimu wa kuwa mzima,
Uzima kwa afya, uzima wa milele,
Na kilele baada ya kutikisa lele.

Bila bawabu kumwona babu,
Wala kijakazi kuwa na lile vazi,
Wakili awe wakukiri ili dua lipatikane.
Na hapo makosa kusahaurika,
Machozi hayatatiririka,
Uzima utawepo. Sote tutakuwepo.


Love in Kind.

For God so loved the world,
And this is the word,
Word and card of love,
He made this world with words.
And we are of the world.
He loved so we may love & live.

I met you, He let me meet you,
Seeing you I thanked the heavens,
Heart beats, oh I was heaving,
But you were leaving,
Could have stopped breathing,
Heaving and breathing for you, we would connect.

I am lucky, I am blessed, I am living,
Everyday with you is a day of joy,
Ever since, that smile opened a new file,
Love keeps coming, mostly in piles,
And when we whisper, sitting on tiles,
Having our moments, nothing stale,
It’s is a love book, unwinding the tales.
Tales of our fails, sails & scaling of joy in love.

You brought, pierced the best from me,
Fueled and filled my heart and life,
With all greatness, my eyes dance of you,
My heart is warm coz’ of you,
I take this, I replicate all, for you and me,
And our tale of union gets greater.



Friendship is a story keep it holy

Friendship has merits and demerits don’t be a folly

In friendship there’s warmth, be merry

Friends can be enemies, them of no sorry,

But friendship if not cheap wins.

Realised I am in intern in relationships

Where relations end in airstrips,

Where honor and glory are stripped,

Where dishonesty and pains get stamped,

And all over you get trampled,

But friendship if not cheap wins.

A cheap friend cannot stand your pains,

A cheap friend will be happy at your stains,

Will enjoy to pull you in chains

Wake up, grow up to refrain,

Refrain and abstain, you reign.

Friendship if not cheap wins.

At your pitch then into a ditch,

Who picks you, gives the stitch,

Reaches and teaches of the twitch,

But often evade you as a witch

Gets a platform and you are the speech,

Anyway friendship if not cheap win.


The Ask Ali

The city was full of oxygen. It didn’t matter how much carbon hit the fans. This was a special town, a unique getaway. Its close proximity to the forest and the amazing national parks gave it an amazing allure. You had to blink twice to have a memory of the upcountry rainforest.

He stood with arms akimbo. Six feet in posture. The uniform informed of him more. A reflector jacket highlighted his whereabouts. He looked like a marksman. His hands fell loose, maybe fatigued by the long evening of control and patrol. Alone he did this and then that, signalled a pause, a stop and a run. Life could be easy. He made me figure life as a mere run, pause and a stop. Simple truth.

The heavens were set with tears. The creatures had suffered a lot. Crawling, flying and the swimming. Humans were on their knees and unlike the animals they knew they had a hand in all this. A leg too. Their greed to dominion, an appetite to outclass each other. Now they held their chins to dispute their own reflection.

Our man continued waving relentlessly. It was fun watching him. I had by now mastered most of the signs he depicted. It’s funny how humans try to show how much in control they were. This picture portrayed a different thought. They all seemed lost without the young man’s guidance. A lost flock. They all obeyed all they were pointed to do. This was a lot more fun. Funny haha.

A distance from him in an overgrown grass just some steps off the tarmac stood his colleague. She was lightly dressed and conspicuously lacked a reflector jacket. Some trucks lined there. Even from where I was I could tell of the heated argument. It was my wish that the argument wasn’t about the trucks. They were overly unroadworthy. At the rate which we are polluting our precious air, no one shout be driving such. But again several notes don’t pollute the pocket. Or do they?

By now warning drops had already started to hit the ground. The smell of the earth changed. The argument froze as all the people around the police lady looked to the heavens. The promise looked of abundance. Soon people of the city will be walking like a person who’s jigger infested. Sad that jiggers are still a problem, a disaster in this day and age.

The lady left in a huff. No looking back. She held the cap under her armpits. She didn’t mind her hair being drenched. She walked towards the colleague who was now almost overwhelmed. Maybe vehicles too get an adrenaline rush when rains start. Drivers get a dose of hypersensitivity.

They met in the middle of traffic. Both looked unmoved by the chaotic hooting. “It finally rains, the lady echoed. She smiled sheepishly. A win.” ” I lose, again, why do I have to always lose to you repeatedly? No more bets Beckie.” Mpayie said resigning to fate. Without looking at her dancing eyes he signalled a motorbike rider. “Hey, Beckie, at our usual, don’t be late. I need to remove this cold.” Beckie could only roll her eyes as she hurriedly sat on the bike. They went on opposite direction none willing to turn. The night was dancing a welcome.

Corporal Mpayie went and stood his ground, his work. But traffic had closed its ears. Behind closed windows were perspiration of the angered drivers. Unmoved. Corporal Mpayie knew he had a long night. Suddenly a thought crept into him. Anger and bitterness boiled in him. He remembered corporal Beckie. Hus suicidal instincts took hold of his legs. He walked the direction Beckie had taken. His steps competed with his heartbeats.