Worn out Beautifully

And in the horizons,
Them that guides my mind zone,
Very calm, collected and on my own,
I will look onto them alone,
Me as the only pawn,
Yes I made it this far.

With the sky all clear ,
A moment for me to steer,
A day to do away with fear,
A time to stop comparisons with my peers,
Yes, an understanding of self.

At an evening, I won’t talk of perfection,
Nor will I draw to myself attention,
I will sit and look on as the sun sets,
Hoping to liven up to my set goals,
An accomplishment to my set wills and thrills.

Another sun set, beautiful and free,
A night that warms my feelings,
A night that tells me I did my best,
A night that tells me to wait for the lest,
Yes, a night I promise myself to wait to the last.

Beauty of the moments,
Moments I have lived and loved,
Moments I have toiled on this soil,
For I now see the world in beauty of the sunset,
And I look at the world with an anticipation of a dawn,
Only that I am here alone,
And yes I get the company of my cat, she’s always been there.


Walk on

Before everything else, I wish you well.
And with everything else I wish you success,
Succeed with a smile, the one I love,
Succeed with joy, the way you love,
Be happy, don’t tense or show pretense,
You are alone, be cheerful,
We might be behind you,
But we might be chasing you away,
Be your own cheerleader,
Cheer and steer yourself far from us,
Let your cheers and noise block our cheers of stopping you,
Our noises might be scary,
But you shouldn’t be wary,
Neither should you give in to being weary,
And you will pass, pass to hold life better,
Pass to be a driver of self attributes, hold on,
And after all this,
After trials and success,
You will hold the card, of life perseverance,
Of a victor who fought to win,
Of a victor who overcame distractions and attractions,
I wish you safe driving,
Safety to you and other road users.
Users of this life road called life.


Don’t slow

In this life, there are people who will show up for you, no matter where, no matter who’s against you.
In this life there are people who will walk with you, no matter the distance, no matter the struggles.
In this life, there are people who will come to aid you just when you think you are alone,
In this life there are people who will bring you sunshine when you think you will freeze in darkness.
In this life there will be people you will need to let go when you think all is well.
In this life, there will be a time when all the above will need to be you.
In this life,
You are never alone.
Try also to be the one.
If you can drink from a filled cup,
Fold your sleeves and fill the next,
And maybe, your cups of life will never run dry,
And maybe you will have others back,
And maybe others will have your back.
In this life, you will live a life, your life.


Stepping up

We all are a mess
Even when you see the lest
Not ever the best
And life poses us tests,
Upon us to know where to press
And only for life to know when to bless
Working out results,
Errors of some sort,
On the way to building this fort
A fort that requires no faults
Or else we fall into parts
Forced to get back to the start
Hurt and tired of life’s uncertainty,
Blind and deaf to the worlds cruelty
But determined to excel in life and humanity.
A sojourn to everyday activity,
Uniquely trying out creativity,
To try and overcome this my naivety,
Of adage and adversity,
In this my nobility,
Playing with each possibility,
In the end to will write I tried,
I plied with all and cried,
With all whom I allied
Life will know I was warrior
Fooled yes but worn in full,
Torn yes but turned great.


Kaba Ûngîanjîrîte

Mûtûrîreinî ûyû maûndû nî maritûaga,
Ûgagîtebeba, ûkarigwo nî ûrîa woî,
Ûkageria ûrîa ûngîhota ûmîrie mbere,
Mîhûko îgagûkararia, bengi igakûmena,
Arata magetua matiramenya.

Ûgathirîrûo nî mawîko,
Ûgatigîrwo o matanya, hinya ûkaga,
Na ûngîciria kûûra njîra-rî
Gûtirî ûngîkwîra agûteithie,
No mûthia-inî, no ûkaigua,
Kaba ûngîanjîrire.

Athiritû arîa maunanagîra njûngwa gûgûcambia,
Arîa maugaga nî weremereirwo,
Arîa mendaga ûtûûre kwao,
Ûkîhoya, ûkîhûra mabuti,
Mangîonana na mûndû auge nî agûgûteithia,
Metuuaga matiroî, atî nîwahatîrîrîkire,
Makauga, ona ti kaba angîanjîrire.

Warwara macamanagia mbere ya wîtie ûteithio,
Maugage kaba ûngîcokio mûciî,
Atî mbeca cia thibitarî ndûngîona,
Atî no kûmagia ukamagia,
No rîrîa ûkaremererwo rî,
Mokaga kwanyu gûkwîra, kaba ûngîanjîrire.

Mawîrainî namo, makwîhithagîra,
Ona mangîigua kamweke ûngîingîra,
Wacamania nao makehahûkithia,
Kaba ûngîanjîrîte nîingîagûteithirie.


Where Their Eyes Rested

She had many words, she had songs,
Written, unwritten, but very rich,
Rich in words, worth a fortune,
And yet know one robbed her,
No one cared to read her.

Then came them with loads of cash,
Them that splashed mud and expected a sorry,
Them who knew cash as numbers,
And in amusement people read their lives,
Lives sprawled by media.

For her worth was a million dollar penny,
For her knowledge was a thousand years wiser,
With her was a museum of amusement,
But again people lazily thought she should beg,

He pegged his pride on people’s sleeves,
Those who quickly believed,
On a power that comes with wealth,
They talked of emulation of that path,
But a new generation would know little of him.

She brushed off the onlookers,
Ate a humble pie with a shy eye,
She knew her books could outlive her,
A generation would know of her,
Someone would read her even in future,

He reached his climax, took a bite and a bow,
What followed was chaos,
Tears were for the torn pockets,
Fights of who to  inherit what,
And again people lazily walked away,
To spread a rumour, one that would die like dew,
A story left for the known, dying with the unknown.

Her climax was worth her fight,
Her bucket kick was a splash of anointment,
People rushed to view her books,
Her stories got reviews,
Like an atonement of seen sins,
Her goodbye was quiet,
No one cast fights on what to take over,
But generation would read of  the naivety,
Of people who abandoned a treasure map,
Just because someone else had a shouting story.
What a society, that would be a signature of her.


Who Am I?

You feel comfortable asking me,
Pierce my face, a stance that means, you!
Yes you!
And I tell you, without flinching,
Because, me knows me,
Yes, you came to the right person,
You see;
I am that last word in the sentence you never read,
Maybe you were drowsy or it wouldn’t change the meaning,
Tired enough to assume the word was irrelevant,
I am, that joke you heard in the other room and never cared to hear of,
I am, the thud you heard behind your room,
The cry that tore the night,
And yes, you heard both, but darkness isn’t your thing,
But remember I ate the darkness alone while you slept on the torch,
And in the morning you asked, who are you?
I am me,
The drink that made you think its over,
The friend that lied it would be over,
The lie that ruined your being sober,
But again, I am here after all this,
Like a life jacket you grasps me hard,
Like a belt you hold me tight,
And at dawn am still here,
To thank you or to think of you,
And if you ask me who I am,
If you run to learn whom I really am,
Don’t ask others, walk with me and learn with me,
Learn from me about me,
Listen to the joke,
Walk with the torch,
Unearth what holds me tight,
If it needs tightening, you will know,
If it needs loosening, you will know,
Because, if you are with me,
You will know me and not of me.
For I might be passing by or falling off,
Just to remind you that its you, not me.
Stay with me. Don’t judge me,
For what I hold is a mirror, and you see you,
Know you, and you won’t ask me, who are you?


Maitû Wanjiarire

Maugaga gûciara kunaga irigû ngingo,
Makauga waumire ona gûciara,
No ndakûrora maitû ngakena tondû niwajiarire,
Ngagoca tondû wee niwe maitû,
Ûkîrî Ngatha nyina witû, Ngai akûrathime na agûtûrie.

Kûrî makunyanaga makauga ndwathomire,
Angî makauga wî mûgiîki,
No rîrî maitû, ngingo ndîaunîkire tûhû,
Waciarire njamba, cigîgûtûkia,
Koguo kinyûkia maitû, wî njamba mûtûrîreinî witû,
Ûkîrî Ngatha nyina witû, Ngai akûrathime na agûtûrie.

Maitû nginyûkagia tondû nîwakinyûkirie,
Maitû njangararaga tondû nîwacangararire,
Kaî gûkîrî ûngî tawe, angiuma nakû tawe,
Wî gîcicio kîa wîrirîrio wakwa,
Gîtîo na mwîtîo wakwa, amûkîra ngatho nyingî,
Ngai akûrathime orîngî,

Keki na mîcumaa tinjiganu kuonania riiri waku,
Ngemi na nyimbo tinjiganu gûgûkûngûia,
No reke irebeta rîîrî rîhumbe riiri igongona rîrî,
Ngwendithîrie ûgima wa mwirî,
Ngwendithîrie gîkeno rwendo na thayû,
Wîkenere Maitû, wî njamba,
Nî hingo ya gîkeno mami wanjiarire,
Ndwaumire ona gûciara,
Ngai akûrathime tûûtûre tûkenete.


Reke Nemwo

Ndendaga kûgeria,
Ngîgeria na kwîrutîra,
Omûthenya ûndû mwerû,
No rîu ndauga, reke nemwo.

Ndeciragia nîhahûthû,
Ngarongorei manene,
Ngegûithania thîî nakwîrutanîria,
No rîu ndauga reke nemwo,

Ûhotekeku wa maûndû,
Maûndû marîa ndanarongoreria,
Maingî ngahotana, nî kîîo,
No rîu ndauga reke nemwo.

Nie nî ndî kîîo mûno, ndî mwîrutîri,
Ona wona ndîmûhunyûku,
Nîkwîgûithania ngîetha wagîrîru,
No rîu ndauga reke nemwo.

Ndauga nemwo, nemwo nîkûhotwo,
Ndirî wa kûhoteka, nîkîo ngeragia,
Na nînjûî nongaumîrîra kûrî nyeki nduru,
Twacamania rûcio ngakorwo hotanîte,
Onawe uga nîwaremwo nî kûhotwo, wî mûhotani.